Hospital Acquired Conditions Conference

The Only National Conference That Helps Hospitals Significantly Reduce Hospital Acquired Conditions, Infections, and Re-admissions using Evidence-based solutions.

  • Develop Consistent Surveillance & Hygiene Protocols
  • Successfully Implement Patient Safety Collaboratives
  • Create a standard of care for Mental Health Patients
  • Strategies that bring practice and theory together for successful outcomes

If you're a professional in an acute hospital or medical facility then you already know that close to 99,000 people die from Hospital Acquired Conditions every year. The good news is that more than 164,000 of these complications can be avoided. We know that not every hospital is the same, and what works for one hospital may not be the best approach for another hospital. Therefore it becomes very difficult to develop a standard of care for all hospitals and medical facilities. Here's what we do know: Evidence based solutions with new techniques, and technology work when combined with consistent protocols. At the Hospital Acquired Conditions 2016 Conference you will have the opportunity to do just that- get solutions through idea sharing, and learning from speakers with proven results and successful case studies. So how can your hospital or medical facility practice the safest and highest quality of care? The 2016 Conference is Focused on Implementation

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The first step is registering for the conference. You and your team will get the support you need to:

  •  Meet CMS Quality Measures
  •  Organically Increase Patient Experience and Satisfaction Scores
  •  Reduce Re-admissions
  •  Prevent Infections and Medication errors

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